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Day 2 at Jaipur Lit Fest: Exploring Identity, Innovation and Inspiration

Special Correspondent SR  Aman Kumar | Edited by Rishabh Dhaka

The second day of the Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 Series Jaipur Literature Festival 2024 was a captivating journey through diverse themes, from fiction to memoir, fashion to politics, and beyond. Here’s a glimpse of the enriching sessions and notable speakers that graced the event:

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Morning Music with Phil Scarff:

The day commenced with soul-stirring melodies by master jazz saxophonist Phil Scarff, accompanied by Priyank Krishna and Pandit Anoop Banerjee, setting the tone for an inspiring day ahead.

Key Sessions Recap:

Trust: Pulitzer Prize-winning author Hernan Diaz explored solitude and trust in his novel, offering insights into his unique approach to literature.
Yashodhara and the Women of Sangha: Vanessa Sasson shed light on the overlooked character of Yashodhara, sparking a conversation on women’s roles in historical narratives.
The Memoirists: Mani Shankar Aiyar and Gurcharan Das shared captivating anecdotes from their memoir-writing journeys, offering glimpses into their personal and professional lives.The Elephant Moves: India’s New Place in the World: A discussion on India’s advancements and challenges, featuring the unveiling of Amitabh Kant and Amit Kapoor’s new book, “The Elephant Moves.”

The Escape Artist: The Man Who Broke Out of Auschwitz to Warn The World: Jonathan Freedland delved into the gripping tale of Rudolph Vrba, highlighting the challenges of believing in historical truths.

Twelve Caesars: Images of Power: Classicist Mary Beard explored the resurgence of discourse around the Roman Empire, offering fascinating insights into her book “Twelve Caesars.”

Gulzaar Sa’ab: A tribute to the life and work of Gulzaar Sa’ab, sparking nostalgia and admiration among the audience.

The Identity Trap: Authors Yascha Mounk, Badri Narayan, and journalist Sreenivasan Jain delved into identity politics, shedding light on societal challenges and the need for shared truths.

Colditz: Prisoners of Castle: Historian Ben Macintyre unravelled the gripping tale of Colditz, offering profound insights into human resilience amidst adversity.

Style and Substance: Fashion designer Tarun Tahiliani navigated the legacy of Indian fashion, showcasing the fusion of tradition and modernity in his designs.

Inspiration to Creation: A panel of artists, writers, and entrepreneurs explored the power of innovation, highlighting the role of the Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 Series in enabling creativity.

Upcoming Highlights:

Tomorrow promises another day of enchantment, featuring a magical performance by Trio One World and esteemed speakers such as Pulitzer prize-winning author Kai Bird and award-winning biographer Nicholas Shakespeare.Stay tuned for more captivating moments at the Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 Series Jaipur Literature Festival 2024!

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